GDK Group

The GDK Group is a committed member to sustainable practices in Chain-of-Custody operations, all Acoustic, Wall & Ceiling Panels, and Joinery engineered, manufactured and installed by our company ensures the very best in integrity and validity in sustainable practices.

Silence is Golden.

The pace of life seems to be invading our lives on many levels. As the sounds of everyday life impede on our activities, solutions are needed to reduce noise in our environments. Imprint Acoustics works with you to design these manageable spaces through tailor-made acoustic installations.

Working with us is a partnership. We provide you with the design and deliverable support you need to enhance your surroundings, and to create indoor environments that work.

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Excellence in Design.

With a soon to be released range of custom designed furniture, Imprint Furniture's range focuses on the core things that matter, and that most people unfortunately forget; Aesthetics, comfort, durability & quality. No exception.

A new standard that places quality & service first is coming soon. Launching late 2014.

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Creating Spaces That Live.

Imprint Street produces high-end printed products. We have the technology to print any image, in high definition, on any solid surface. Our printing technology also provides the capability to create durable textures and objects by printing raised layers.

Imagine being able to print a wood grain on a piece of plastic, or to add a third dimension to each grain of sand in a beach photo or montage. With Imprint Street it is possible.

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Durability, Service & Quality.

Coming in late 2014, we will be launching an exclusive range of our own in-house developed construction material systems, offered to the public for the very first time.

We believe we offer the best products and services in the world. Sharing & delivering our services to users across the globe so that everyone can build, innovate and create newer and better indoor environments makes what we do all the more rewarding.

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